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PDXBackstage was started in 1999 to help people in the Portland theatre community communicate and share resources. Since that time numerous resources have sprung up to make communication within the community easier and more effective.

PDXBackstage continues to provide services and methods of commuication to the community. We run two mailing lists:

Subscribe to the PDXOnstage mailing list
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Subscribe to the PDXBackstage mailing list
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and our Theatre List and Dramaturg's Library are still online, but are woefully out of date (one day we may get around to updating them...)

We would strongly recommend that you check other Portland theatre resource sites for updated cotent: The Portland Area Theatre Alliance has a number of resources available for members and non-members alike including talent directories, Workshop and exchange boards, and an online newsletter, In The Wings.

As always, we encourage you to take part in the discussions being held on the two message boards dedicated to issues facing the Portland community, and we ask that you continue to utilize the mailing lists.

Hope we see you on stage soon...-Harold

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